Shoot 1.6.4


Many thanks to all those who helped me test Shoot and to those who gave me feedback and tips for improvement. Thanks to (in no particular order):

  • Jussi "Shallow" Pakkanen
  • Krister "Zorropisa" Renard
  • Jakob "vip"
  • Ruud de Jong
  • Carlos "Jaker" García
  • Kevin "Ktel" Thompson
  • Rick "Nodak01"
  • Mike "Spectre-63" McMahon
  • Roald "Cyber" Julin
  • Nicolaou Fondas
  • Jared A. "RogueSqdn" Childress
  • Hogarth de la Plante
  • Jack "Habu" Spencer
  • Stephan Strauss
  • Benoît
  • Jan "Big one"
  • Rob "narphous" Hughes
  • William "cougarxr7" Timbs
  • My thanks are extended to all who have helped in some way or other and whom I might have unintentionally forgotten to include in the above list.

    Finally, special thanks go to Daniel "Onix" Knoppel for his invaluable tips for making Shoot work with non-US keyboard layouts and for helping me during countless hours to debug win98 compatibility problems.