Shoot 1.6.4

Shoot is a speech recognition program that translates your voice commands into arbitrary keystrokes. Perfect for commanding your AI buddies in your favorite flight simulator or FPS! Forget about having to memorize all those keyboard shortcuts, now you can just say what you want to happen. Although was created with games in mind it can be adapted to practically any program by creating an appropriate command profile.

Shoot is similar to Game Commander and Gamevoice, but it is free for non-commercial use. Of course, if you'd like to make a contribution, I'll be more than happy to accept your donation or a gift :)

Recent Updates -

- Shoot 1.6.4 can run just fine with .NET 2.0
- Profile Editor Released (Beta)


Very impressive, works better than any other I've tried. [...] The reliability factor on this one is way up there.
It's just a real treat using this. Never have had this kind of reliability before. Works 100% in Il2 with all radio commands, no confusion whatsoever, just rock solid.
Now I have tried Shoot for a few days, and after training the Speech recognition engine a couple of times, my orders are understood all the time. 100 percent! Wonderful! And the speech button -- also wonderful! Realism increased several hundred percent!
[...] it was working 100% straight on, no miss on any commands that I tried in Falcon4. This is nothing but pure quality stuff you have made there, one of the greatest add-ons for Falcon4 and other simulators and games that I have ever seen.
This is freaking INCREDIBLE! After just a couple of training sessions, it's almost perfect.

w00t! I gotta say, this has made my gaming a helluva lot more fun. Thanks!
I think shoot is fantastic !!! I've been playing with it for a few days now - youve done one helluva job with shoot!
Another unsolicited testimonial. Great program. Now has features Game Commander does not have. Recognition accuracy is nearly flawless. And price is VERY reasonable.
One word: wow wow wow wow wow wow wow.
I just got Shoot working, and wow.